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Cuddle+Kind are a Canadian and US-based cuddly toy company on a mission to provide one million meals a year to children in need.

  • $180k+ YoY Relative Sales Increase
  • 35% increase ROAS
  • 9.25% increase Conversion Rate
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COYA incorporate years of experience and knowledge in the pet food industry to create high-taste, nutritionally balanced, freeze-dried dog food that’s perfect for every lifestyle.

  • 2,200 Total Sales
  • £15k Monthly Revenue
  • 4.5m Impressions
  • 15% Av. Conversion Rate
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Seedball help and inspire people to grow native wildflowers to increase bee, butterfly and garden wildlife populations.

  • 243% increase Sales
  • 279% increase Revenue
  • 8.7m increase Impressions
  • 44% increase Conversions
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Sly Dog Spiced Rum

Sly Dog Spiced Rum is a new, spiced rum, start-up brand based in the UK, looking to disrupt the marketplace.

  • 60x increase Sales
  • £18k+ Revenue
  • 2.1m Impressions
  • 19% Conversion Rate
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Queen’s Jubilee Gin

Queen’s Jubilee Gin is a celebratory spirit created to mark the monumental anniversary of Britain’s longest-serving Monarch. The client had not yet achieved any online sales for this unique product.

  • £15K+ Revenue
  • 600K+ Impressions
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Outdoor Adventure Brand

Trading since 1983, our client’s outdoor adventure brand had sold over 5 million units worldwide. The client had become concerned that they were not getting the ROI expected from their email marketing campaigns and a decline in Klaviyo revenues of 22% had been experienced.

  • 1.5x Monthly Revenue
  • £1500+ Monthly Revenue
  • 139% increase Email Order Rate
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Online Jewellery Company

An online jewellery company had been using Google ads for over 10 years and had initially done most of the work themselves. They didn't have enough time to continue to run it and have used several agencies which they'd been unhappy with.

  • 216% increase Revenue
  • 7% increase ROI
  • 212% increase Conversions
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Crypto Coach

The Crypto Coach is an educational community for paying members who are new to theblockchain and are seeking to learn more about cryptocurrency investment.

  • 1.3M+ Views
  • 5000+ Comments
  • 8000+ Shares
  • 193 New Subscribers
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