Crypto Coach - Amersify Case Study

Crypto Coach

The Crypto Coach is an educational community for paying members who are new to theblockchain and are seeking to learn more about cryptocurrency investment.

In the first 3 months, we were able to produce 1.3 million views for Crypto Coach.

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The brief

Our client previously relied on word-of-mouth referrals to develop their community. However, growth stagnated at around 180 members.

Their goal was to build an online community of engaged brand followers and establish The Crypto Coach as a trustworthy source of knowledge to drive an increase in paying subscribers.

The Strategy

The main challenge within the crypto coaching industry is the lack of consumer trust, as there are many scammers and unreliable sources of information in an emerging and unregulated market. Therefore, our focus involved creating impartial educational content to showcase our client as a reliable expert and thought leader within the crypto space.

We also focused on building social proof to convey client credibility, which involved driving an increase in follower count, views on videos and active conversations in comments. Once we had established social authority and built trust with our audience, we then focused on increasing conversions.

Many of our content ideas came from reading comments and engaging with the audience. By providing detailed answers and solutions to the community’s questions, we could then position our client as a prime source for crypto knowledge.

The results

In the first 3 months, we were able to produce the following results:

  • Views

  • Comments

  • Shares

  • New Subscribers