Amazon optimisation guide & eBook by Amersify

Mastering Amazon Marketing: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the thriving world of Amazon, where opportunities for e-commerce success abound. This guide is your introduction to understanding the Amazon platform: what it is, how to get started and the key components that you need to understand. When we launched our first brand on Amazon, we learnt the hard way; making mistakes, wasting […]

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Optimised imagery - Amazon product photoshoot

The Art of Product Imagery on Amazon: Capturing Attention and Boosting Sales

Did you know that a prospective buyer will look at 100% of your product’s images, but only 20% of the words in your description? …And yet so many sellers try to short-cut this vital piece in their Amazon puzzle. In the competitive realm of Amazon and e-commerce, product imagery stands at the forefront of customer […]

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Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Investigated: Mastering Visibility in the World’s Largest Marketplace

In the vast expanse of Amazon’s online marketplace, where millions of products vie for attention, understanding the A9 algorithm is not just beneficial – it’s essential. This mysterious algorithm stands as the gatekeeper between your products and the customers who are searching for them. But what exactly is the A9 algorithm and how does it […]

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Amazon Success Guide: Product Differentiation and Market Demand Analysis for Maximum Impact

Ready to dive into the Amazon ecosystem and figure out what makes a product stand out in this bustling marketplace? We’re going to break down the essentials of product selection and market demand analysis on Amazon, using insights from current research and more. From understanding market saturation to leveraging PPC advertising strategies, this post is […]

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Should I outsource my marketing to an agency?

Choosing whether to outsource your marketing to an agency is a decision that many business owners will face and will depend on a variety of factors; your business’s size, budget, goals and in-house marketing capabilities.

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Is Amazon FBA Still Worthwhile?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a fulfilment option offered by Amazon that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres and have Amazon handle the shipping, delivery, and customer service for their orders.

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What is the marketing funnel and why is it important?

The marketing funnel is a model that represents the journey a customer goes through when making a purchasing decision.

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Is TikTok a good place for marketing your product?

TikTok is a social media platform that is primarily used for sharing short-form videos, including music, dance, comedy and other genres. It has become very popular among younger users and has gained a reputation as a place to discover and share creative content.

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