Seedball - Amersify Case Study


Seedball help and inspire people to grow native wildflowers to increase bee, butterfly and garden wildlife populations.

An increase of 243% in sales and 279% in revenues YoY, massively exceeding the clients targets.

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The brief

Seedball had been selling its large catalogue of products on Amazon for a couple of years, with some success. However, that performance had dropped in recent months and they wanted to return to their previous position and then progress beyond it.

We were also tasked with transitioning the brand across from an old selling account, onto a new one, where all the assets and campaigns could be refreshed and kicked off with new vigour.

The Strategy

After our initial account audit, we were able to identify many elements that required optimisation. We were then able to create a plan of action:

Listing Optimisation
We completed thorough keyword and competitor research across the whole product range, identifying keywords that we were not previously targeted. This enabled us to rewrite the copy for the titles and descriptive elements, boosting keyword indexing and product relevancy, increasing click-throughs and conversion rates.

We completely renovated the Seedball Amazon storefront, ensuring that the company ethos and fun branding were reflected. This gave us additional firepower when utilising display ads and driving traffic to the store.

Image Stack Optimisation
For new prospective customers, it was important to clearly explain the USPs and benefits of purchasing Seedball products. We created fun and informative infographics which highlighted key features with product pull-outs, giving the customer more confidence to purchase.

A+ Content
In line with the new storefront and infographics, we created highly visual A+ content designs, further detailing the benefits and ‘how-tos’ of the Seedball range. In conjunction with the other new digital assets, it presented a strong brand image with a clear company and product purpose.

Advertising Campaign Management
After optimisation, our Amazon performance team set to work creating a suite of highly effective ad campaigns. We developed a full end-to-end ad strategy and funnel, leveraging different forms of advertising. For example, SKAG campaigns were built to target previously high-performing keywords. Alongside this, we launched a set of new product, brand and display campaigns, which focussed on competitor SKUs and new keywords.

The results

“We’ve had a brilliant experience with Amersify, together we’ve developed and expanded our Amazon offering and sales and we’re excited to see how far we can take our account. They’ve been very professional, have lots of expertise and we have a great working relationship – something we’ve struggled to find! Definitely recommend.”

Emily, Seedball


  • Sales

    243% increase
  • Revenue

    279% increase
  • Impressions

    8.7m increase
  • Conversions

    44% increase
  • Q4 Sales

    182% increase