Queen’s Jubilee Gin - Amersify Case Study

Queen’s Jubilee Gin

Queen’s Jubilee Gin is a celebratory spirit created to mark the monumental anniversary of Britain’s longest-serving Monarch. The client had not yet achieved any online sales for this unique product.

Generated 600,000+ impressions on posts

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The brief

To grow their sales through paid Facebook ads and implement a comprehensive content and community engagement strategy to develop the brand’s online presence.  

The Strategy

We started with conversion ads, using a low daily spend, where we targeted cold traffic. This allowed us to reach a segment of people who had not heard of the brand before. We promptly received initial traction with a high rate of click-throughs, add-to-carts and checkouts, leading to early purchase optimisation.

After two weeks, we began our ‘middle-funnel’ paid ads, targeting users who had already experienced multiple touchpoints with the brand, including website visitors, content viewers, and social engagers. We then initiated ‘bottom-funnel’ ads, retargeting the highest intent traffic at the end of the funnel. This led to a substantial increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

To complement our paid ads, we also launched an organic social plan in collaboration with the client’s social activity, including multiple weekly consumer engagement posts, competitions and other marketing initiatives. This led to a high level of community engagement. Users were able to experience the brand and see the overwhelmingly positive social engagement from other contributors to posts, enabling us to generate a higher overall return on marketing activity.

The results

Within 8 weeks of kicking our campaign off, we were able to produce the following results:

  • Revenue

  • ROI

    8X ROAS
  • Impressions