Sly Dog Spiced Rum - Amersify Case Study

Sly Dog Spiced Rum

Sly Dog Spiced Rum is a new, spiced rum, start-up brand based in the UK, looking to disrupt the marketplace.

Over £18k in revenue through month 2, over-delivering on the client’s expectations

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The brief

Sly Dog was already selling on Amazon but the brand had not maximised its potential. They were not optimised and needed to boost their rankings as quickly as possible. The account had not been managed effectively and ad campaigns were not controlled or designed with a focus on strategy.

The Strategy

We ran an audit on the whole account, and we realised there were several elements that we could improve immediately. We built the following plan:

Account issues
Fixing listing issues in the back end which were impacting category assignments.

Listing optimisation
We ran in-depth keyword and competitor analysis and rewrote the listing from top to bottom. We focussed on the title, key features and back-end search term targets.

After reviewing the imagery, we realised that we could improve the look and feel to reflect their fun tone of voice. We replaced photography and optimised the halo image to have a crisp white background and a bottle reflection

A+ Content
We designed fun, engaging A+ Content which drew similarities with the brand’s website. We captured their disruptive nature whilst offering more information about the product.

An Amazon store was built to accompany the A+ Content, following a very similar theme and designed to create intrigue and insight.

We enrolled the product onto Vine to boost the initial number of reviews. This improves the perception of the product to conquest customers.

Campaign management
Once the account and listing were optimised, we launched a suite of campaigns, focussing on highly relevant keywords and competitors. We also ran more generic keyword targeting campaigns to farm new, potential targets.

The results

The client’s Amazon account had been live for 1 month, with less than 10 sales before we took over. Our improvements gave impressive results in month 2:

  • Sales

    60x increase
  • Revenue

  • Impressions

  • Conversion Rate