Outdoor Adventure Brand - Amersify Case Study

Outdoor Adventure Brand

Trading since 1983, our client’s outdoor adventure brand had sold over 5 million units worldwide. The client had become concerned that they were not getting the ROI expected from their email marketing campaigns and a decline in Klaviyo revenues of 22% had been experienced.

Welcome email flow boosted order rate by 39% within 8 weeks

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The brief

To increase ROI of email marketing campaigns and reinvent email communications strategy, overhauling designs and messaging.

The Strategy

We completely overhauled their email designs and ensured the messaging aligned with their new website.

We optimised their existing email flows and ran A/B tests to understand the kind of messaging that resonated best with their audience. Their welcome email flow was redesigned to boost signups and also increase retarget opportunities.

Alongside this, we ran a database cleanse to ensure we were only talking to up-to-date contacts as well as those that are likely to engage. This meant the cost of operating the Klaviyo platform was reduced significantly for the client.

The results

  • Within 8 weeks, Klaviyo revenues increased from £3,000 to £4,500.

  • We also achieved the following results:
  • Monthly Revenue

  • Monthly Revenue

  • Email Order Rate

    139% increase