What is the marketing funnel and why is it important?

The marketing funnel is a model that represents the journey a customer goes through when making a purchasing decision.

It typically includes four stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action


The awareness stage is the first step in the funnel, where customers are made aware of a product or service. This stage is important because it helps to build brand awareness and establish a presence in the market. Typically, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are great places to build awareness. Post creative content that catches the eye and builds intrigue!


The interest stage is the second step in the funnel, where customers express an interest in a product or service and begin to consider making a purchase. This stage is important because it helps to generate leads and identify potential customers.

Ensuring that your website user journey is optimised is crucial here. Typically, a customer will investigate your brand further and inspect your credibility. It is also important to capture customer data as early as you can and adopting Klaviyo is a brilliant way of doing so! Armed with an email address and a name you can send useful information to a prospective buyer and even entice them further with discounts on their first order.


The decision stage is the third step in the funnel, where customers make a decision to purchase a product or service. By now, you’ve done a lot of the hard work and have convinced someone to buy from you – well done!


The action stage is the final step in the funnel, where customers take action and make a purchase. This stage is important because it helps to generate revenue and measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Once Klaviyo has captured the data of the customer at the point of sale, you can then keep them warm with newsletters, updates, product launches and sales! This process allows you to grow the lifetime value of a customer beyond just a single sale and get them coming back for more!


As you can see, the marketing funnel is a crucial principle to a successful marketing strategy. Understanding the different stages of the customer journey will help you create marketing campaigns that are tailored and more effective to each stage with the needs and preferences of your target audience considered.

If you are looking to kick off your marketing strategy, but aren’t sure where you should be focussing, why not speak to us? We have a range of services that offer huge benefits all the way through the marketing funnel. Click the ‘Book Now’ button at the top of the page to speak to an expert today!

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