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Businesses don't make decisions on a whim. So when it comes to managing your products on Amazon, why would you not want to know everything you can? 

We can support your decision making process with a range of bespoke reports, supplying data that is usually unavailable. Using our powerful integration apps, we can read markets for trends, analyse the revenue of your competition or supply you with keywords that will give your listing and ad campaigns the boost they need. The range of our reporting capabilities is likely limited by your imagination.

So whether you are totally new to Amazon, looking to venture into an unknown category or simply want to understand your niche a little better, we can arm you with the facts to support you to make accurate, informed decisions.

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Our Work

Analytics & Reporting

Duck and Crutch


Brief: Duck and Crutch Gin were totally new to Amazon but before they ventured onto this new marketplace, they needed to understand their market - gin in the UK.

Result: We supplied a range of informative reports which helped them to make the jump onto Amazon. Once on board, we were also able to support their non-Amazon marketing activities by presenting data which showed their best converting days.