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Much like Google, Amazon allows sellers to create ad campaigns to reach millions of new customers, both domestically and internationally. This can be a hugely effective method to scale your sales on Amazon in a short period of time.

Knowing how to create fully optimised campaigns can be a tricky and challenging task, especially to those new to Amazon. Amersify can support you with a range of packages depending on your needs.

We have invested heavily in an automated advertising system which uses AI and machine learning. Working around the clock our system pulls out and tests keywords that are converting best for your product, whilst analysing time of day and day of week performance. In addition, we are able to target a specific Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) for your individual products meaning your ads are significantly more efficient and profitable than manually curated campaigns.

Manually managing dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual ad campaigns can be a full-time job and often becoming a challenge to keep on top of. However, our ad system has proven hugely beneficial to many businesses that we work with, offering significant performance increases and profitability.

We work on a simple fixed cost basis for our ad programme.

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Our Work

Ad Campaign Optimisation


Lillywhite & Brown

Brief: With  many high-selling products, Lillywhite & Brown wanted to reduce their ad spend but still remain competitive.

​Result: Under our management and using our intelligent ad software, Lillywhite & Brown were able to reduce their TOCAS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) from 23 to 9% while maintaining a very strong organic sales ratio